What is a Powertrain Warranty

What is a Powertrain Warranty Meaning?

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What is a Powertrain Warranty ? In simple explanation, it is one of warranty for some car parts and last longer compared to the ordinary warranty. If you bought a new car, you would get car warranty which cover only for some parts and will last for 5 until 10 years. However, this powertrain warranty can las longer than that period of time, but it still cover only some important parts of car. Engine, drivetrain and transmission are the parts of car which covered by powertrain warranty. Other than these three doesn’t covered by this warranty.

What is a Powertrain Warranty

What is a Powertrain Warranty ? It is a warranty which cover for engine, drivetrain, and transmission, as the central power of car. This type of warranty will be given from a car company to its customer, with the period of time more than 10 years, and even everlasting warranty. When one of these three aspect are damaged or broken, the manufacturer will fix and change it with the new one for your, and you will not be charged for it. If there are other trouble like in bumper or in interior parts, you will be charged for it as it doesn’t covered in the powertrain warranty.

As we have explained about What is a Powertrain Warranty, however, this type of warranty might only applied for once, according to the policy from the manufacturer. In common, most of manufacturer only give this warranty for once. Then if the car owner had used their powertrain warranty, when one of these three part damage in the future, it won’t get any free service from the manufacturer. In fact, as the manufacturer dare to give its customer long time period of warranty for these three parts, it means that these three parts are good and made with high quality. Then, even if it have probability to be damaged, but it most likely for once.

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