Self Driving Cars Pros and Cons

What Are Self Driving Cars Pros and Cons

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With the technology development, many high-technological system have applied to many items in many aspects of people life. New cars in this era have also adapted the development of technology, which it used self-driving system. The system will able to drive by itself without driver, and it will deliver passenger to the destination places in safe. The system have featured with high sensor to identify any cars nearby or to read the traffic signs in right. It can also choose the best route to avoid traffic jam and drive its customer faster than himself driving. However, as every technology had benefits and lacks, Self Driving Cars Pros and Cons also exist.

Self Driving Cars Pros and Cons

Self Driving Cars Pros and Cons existed inn safety aspect. Accident in the street are mostly caused by people driving in high speed and unfocussed driving. Especially drunk driver often cause accident which harm many parties. In that case, the pros of self-driving car is that it has set with automatic maximum speed which won’t be over 160km/h. In addition, this car have equipped with sensor braking system, which in case there’s sudden car overlapping and might cause to damage, self-driving car can brake suddenly in fast. While the con of it is that the technology upgrading. The software need to be upgraded to the latest version in order to bring more safety driving, which its owner need to back and forth to install the system.

Along with the safety aspect it brought, it can cause to more Self Driving Cars Pros and Cons. With the safety it offered, many people might prefer to choose this car rather than driving public transportation which still manually driven by person. The pro is that people can make their time more efficient as this vehicle able to lead them to their destination in shortcut way. While the cons is that the more people use this car, the more traffic jam will happen in big city, and public transportation will be useless as people prefer to ride their own vehicle.

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