What are Paddle Shifters

What are Paddle Shifters in Automatic Cars

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Many people currently questioning What are Paddle Shifters in Automatic Cars. Paddle shifter usually featured in sport cars, along with other high technology included. In fact, paddle shifter now can be found at ordinary car, even like minivan Honda Odyssey, which is known to be automatic car. In the past, paddle shifter might be used for manual transition, but along with the technology development, it doesn’t used again for car with automatic transition, except for sport car.

What are Paddle Shifters

To know What are Paddle Shifters in Automatic Cars, it is featured based on its customer needs. In fact, driver who have accustomed with manual transition car might be confuse when driving automatic car. Then, paddle shifter is created in automatic car, in case driver want to change the transition system as they wished. It will give more convenient to driver in operating car in such way as they wished. Car producer had tried their best to offer its customer with the best transmission system. Even though it might rarely been used by driver who had accustomed with automatic transition, but paddle shifter might still have it benefit in the future. In some cases, automatic cars which is equipped with paddle shifter are known as semi-automatic transmission (SAT) car.

What are Paddle Shifters in Automatic Cars? Similar to the ordinary car, it is used for changing the gear a step up or a step down. Paddle on the right side of the steer is used for upshift, while on the left side is for downshift. Automatic cars doesn’t use this manual system for changing the gear. However, with paddle shift equipped in automatic cars, driver can change the track mode as they wished, and use the manual transition using paddle shifter. In fact, the existence of paddle shifter in automatic cars will not bother its driver, as it is intended to not giving much confusion and easy driving system.

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