Cooper stt pro review

Snow Tire Cooper STT Pro review

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Based on Cooper stt pro review, this tire is known to be very good for winter performance. From the outlook, this tire has big size, which is suitable for off road tracks. This tire is indeed, intended for balance driving on hard tracks, especially during winter. This tire make stable driving on the snow, even during snow storm. It also perform well to ride on tiny ice, without slipping and have good traction. This tire is also very good in grip, and not easily to loose. On wet track, this tire is make riding easy to handle, and good in braking system.

Cooper stt pro review

Cooper STT Pro have big size and deep craved pattern on it, according to Cooper stt pro review. This made the ride is easy to handle and not easily to slip. This tire also good for long time using, as it is not easily get thinner, even after thousand miles driving. The friction which is happen during driving, is still able to make this tire perform well and easy to handle. The surface area of this track is not easily to get thinner and very solid. With the solid effect, this tire also not easily to leeway on dry track, especially during summer. It still able to grip tightly on dry track in this season.

Even with all those good performance on snow track, based on Cooper stt pro review, this tire still have some lack to perform on rocks. This tire still able to keep balance on muddy and wet track, while on rocky track, it made riding performance not good. Even so, this tire still able to perform well on sandy area. This tire able to brought ride on sandy and snowy track for some hours non-stop. This qualification is still better, rather than comparing to riding with this tire on rocky area. Overall, this tire is amazing to ride on difficult tracks

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