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Review Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Tire

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Tourist Destination with rocky and muddy road conditions is something that can damage the surface of premium brand touring tires, all season Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tailored to the ability to drive every day. That means focusing on subtlety and calm – more on both later – while offering attraction in a variety of conditions. (The CS5 is snow-rated, although people living in places always exposed to winter conditions should choose a set of dedicated winter tires.)

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

With the focus of first convenience, Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is not built to handle autocross courses – although Cooper does not ignore the dynamic drivers altogether. Instead, the tire was developed with unique features that allowed it to survive the everyday use. With its asymmetrical footprint pattern, the CS5 is designed to be rotated to one of the four corners of the vehicle to extend life and even guard against wear and tear. When it comes to the arrangement of the tread pattern itself, CS5 offers several unique features that set it apart from others on the market. While water pressures are used on many tires, the thin grooves here are cut deeper into the tires so they last longer in the case of tire wear. But they not only cut deeper, and interlocked features that stabilize the tread to maximize contacts on the road surface. The CS5 also shows what Cooper calls Stab ledge, a series of small bumpers that keep the tire block tread open for increased attractiveness and feedback.

Looks quieter with tires mounted on the 16-inch factory wheel of Forte. A newly discovered serenity soon appeared. Some will say the first generation Kia Forte5 has a quiet cabin, with quite a lot of wind and road noise coming into it. While Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring does not hide the things that really, they keep doing the most to a minimum. But perhaps a better mark of this CS5 quality is the smoothness that they bring to the drive. A good all-season tire set will provide smoothness with low rolling resistance, something that this tire will surely deliver. With a relatively high profile of the 205/55 / ​​R16 tires we tested, CS5 Ultra Touring provided the first proper line of defense against crashes and road cracks.

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