Why do car seats expire

Reason Why do Car Seats Expire

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If you look at car seats cover, you will find dates written on it. It is the expiration date of car seats. Mostly, car seats have 6 years period of expiration date since it is made, but there are most of it has expiration date for 10 years after it is made. In fact, there is no such regulation in United States that obligate car seater production to write expiration date on it. Even so, manufacturers decided to write expiration date on car seats based on general guidelines for products selling. Then, Why do car seats expire?

Why do car seats expire

The reason Why do car seats expire is because of its safety reason. Materials made for car seats can undermined and thinned with frequent usage. Car seats is always pressed with heavy weight of people’s body, which make it thinner as the time passed. Without expiration date written on it, car owner might think that it is common thing that car seats get thinner as time used. Under foam part of car seats is iron spring and when foam become thinner, the edge can damage person who sits on it. Therefore, if car seats doesn’t get changed for over six years, the edge of spring can pierce skin of person who sits on it.

Another reason Why do car seats expire is because it need to be improved and do standard change. As technology improved, car seats design is also improved with technology applied on it as the passing of time. Car seats manufacture, for sure, wants to improve the safety level of car seats and improve the technology which can satisfy and comfort person who seats on it. Besides, car seats mostly have improved in its design to make car’s interior better and more elegant. Therefore, checking expiration dates of car seats is important, and you can see it being stamped on the base or sides of it.

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