Pro Trailer Backup Assist

Pro Trailer Backup Assist in Ford F-150

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You know how it’s confusing when you back up the trailer, because physics? The Ford F-150 2016 will have a small little steering wheel that you will use along with a backup camera, which will do the opposite of the actual wheel when reversing. See where this goes? Ford has announced details of its latest 2018 expedition, which will be fitted with an exclusive Pro Trailer Backup Assist class to help towing and hauling. Ford said the addition of Pro Trailer Backup Assist is because more than 50 percent of Expedition customers rate the pullers, according to his research. Furthermore, as many as 15 percent say they are attractive weekly or monthly.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist


When you back up with something behind it, you have to slightly turn your brain and consider the fact that your vehicle is now really long with a hinge in the middle. Pro Trailer Backup Assist Ford will make it look like you “direct the trailer” directly, which you will monitor through the backup camera. As you are playing a video game and the trailer is your car in third person view, while its controller is this small button. Here it is:

Or, you can learn to drive. Ah just kidding ‘this is actually a pretty good convenience, because even curmudgeon like myself is not afraid to confess parking lot trailer a bit sick. And no doubt this will make it easier to pick up. This is great for you users who only pull stuff a few times a year, and for people who have mastered the art of trailer-parking the old way … you can let it die. No pricing yet, but this will be available on all F-150 2016 models equipped with the Tow Package or Max Tow Package. It’s XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum. Awesome gimmick of Pro Trailer Backup Assist?

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