Located in West Fairview Avenue, Boise, Larry H Miller Subaru is dealership and service for all type of Subaru. Namely based on the owner name, this place is popular among automotive lovers who seek for new Subaru or servicing their Subaru. With its large area, the building offered very convenient […]

Based on Cooper stt pro review, this tire is known to be very good for winter performance. From the outlook, this tire has big size, which is suitable for off road tracks. This tire is indeed, intended for balance driving on hard tracks, especially during winter. This tire make stable […]

Hyundai Santa Fe is a medium-sized SUV crossover that takes the base of Hyundai Sonata. First introduced, this car is known as the first SUV Hyundai in 2001. This SUV is very popular in the United States market and become the best-selling car Hyundai production. For information, this car is […]

Mazda 3 First best choice for New car under 10000 is Mazda 3. From the exterior aspect, this car has very elegant looks and body design, which is very luxurious. This car is also equipped with high technology interior, which make driver and passenger seat comfortably even for long driving. […]

Having truck with bed liner gives you more benefit to move luggage and items easily from place to place. Truck can also help you to carry your hobbies material like camping and fishing material, and bring you safely in your destination place. In fact, the bed liner function has many […]

2017 Honda Sedan Civic is designed with the improvement of the previous version. From the exterior which had elegant and slightly sporty design, until the interior which is full of black to bring the modern looks of the car. The color variant also available in many choices from Aegean blue, […]

In caring typical modern car, Does Fuel Injector Cleaner Work is the most delivered question by automotive owners. Some debate said that fuel injector cleaner should only use once in a year. Another said that it should use when changing oil, and some even said it doesn’t necessary. However, there […]

Kendall auto group has bought Cal Worthington Ford Anchorage. The dealership has done in Alaska, with the number of dealership from Kendal auto group 18 persons. Since that, the anchorage has moved to Kendall party. Then, Kendall is the party who held the sale for Ford car, especially in Alaska. […]

Cooper tire is a brand which offers tire all tires series for CUV and SUV. Discoverer SRX is new variant launched by Cooper Tire at 2015. According Cooper Discoverer SRX reviews, this series bring stable performance for car, even on any tracks. Highway or any streets can be mastered by […]

Cadillac of Las Vegas West is an automotive center in Las Vegas. In this place, customer can find two departments, first sales department and second service department. In sales department, customer can find any type of cars they want or just enjoy sight-seeing the car they sold in this place. […]