In comparison between Subaru Forester vs Honda crv, Subaru had the more expensive cost. It is because the features constructed within is much more than Honda CRV. Even Honda CRV seemed had lower capability and quality compared to its competitor, but it still be considered as car with the good […]

Automotive lovers tend to compare a car with another similar car. If we compared between Honda crv vs Subaru Forester, first matter might be about its price. Forester is relatively more expensive than CRV, but Forester is known to have better specifications and features. Which means that the price for […]

Ford Trailer Backup Assist have capability to tow other vehicle. It is often used as for backing up the box or container. Based on the people review, Ford is one of the best vehicle for towing or backing up box or container. It have the capability to tow box or […]

Powertrain warranty is a type of car warranty which has longer period of time compared to other car warranty. It is because this type warranty only cover the important machine in the car. What Does Powertrain Warranty Cover ? It only cover the power for car, such as transmission, engine, […]

What is a Powertrain Warranty ? In simple explanation, it is one of warranty for some car parts and last longer compared to the ordinary warranty. If you bought a new car, you would get car warranty which cover only for some parts and will last for 5 until 10 […]

Simple explanation for White Smoke from Exhaust means that your car needs to get treatment. There might be something wrong which cause it exhale the white smoke. However, this condition might apply in any terms too. During winter, when you first starting up your vehicle, it often smoke out from […]

Categorized as SUV car, Subaru is the best choice for off road activity. Any variant of Subaru mostly designed for fulfilling its customer needs for giving stable and dynamic driving on any off road tracks. In the last variant which will be launched 2018 Subaru Crosstrek off road capability is […]

Many people currently questioning What are Paddle Shifters in Automatic Cars. Paddle shifter usually featured in sport cars, along with other high technology included. In fact, paddle shifter now can be found at ordinary car, even like minivan Honda Odyssey, which is known to be automatic car. In the past, […]

With the technology development, many high-technological system have applied to many items in many aspects of people life. New cars in this era have also adapted the development of technology, which it used self-driving system. The system will able to drive by itself without driver, and it will deliver passenger […]

Toyota Corolla As one of most recommended New Cars Under 10000, Toyota Corolla had its pro and cons. Popular in 1990s era, the machine and engine still used the old version. While for exterior design, it has invented as the car with long lasting design, then customer do not need […]