Fastest car are typically related to sporty car. In fact, this variant of car always had elegant and sporty exterior design, high technology interior, and excellent engine with fast speed. With all those specifications, for sure it made its price higher compared to other car. Even though the price is […]

Porsche Boxster The Porsche Boxster is one of the most affordable vehicles manufactured by Porsche, and classified as Best Sports Cars under 30k. Despite from the affordable price, the performance of this car still excellent. It is capable of reaching speeds of over 150 miles per hour in about seven […]

Porsche 911 Having the dimensions of 4491 x 1808 x 1295 mm this Rear Wheel Drive Car can already be sure has a beautiful and perfect appearance. The type of Porsche 911 Carerra S comes with a very sporty design but not too excessive. For its own pace the 911 […]

Customer often asked and discussed each other about recommendation of certain product. The recommendation must be based on quality and review from the customer who had used that product. This concept also applicable for choosing best tire. Customers who want to change their tires will ask to who had used […]

Impressive, sporty and stylish are the words best to describe Golf GTI. However, when Golf R appear, it seems like it use the same limelight as GTI. Both of car had stylish, sporty and modern charm, which make automotive lovers often compare Volkswagen Golf R vs GTI. From price aspect, […]

With the release of the 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser, it has been denied that various issues previously mentioned that Toyota will ‘turn off’ the FJ Cruiser SUV which is the successor to the legendary Toyota FJ40 SUV. The position and role of FJ Cruiser for Toyota can be said to […]

Hyundai Santa Fe is a global 7 Seater SUV from South Korea. Although configured for 7 seater, the Hyundai Santa Fe is often featured in comparison with Medium SUVs such as the Honda CR-V and the Mazda CX-5, because out there, the 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe belongs to a luxurious […]

Talk about parts in the motor, the need for oil certainly cannot be denied again. This lubricant fluid is needed to support the smoothness of the engine and other components in the motor.How to maintain the quality of motor oil can be many things, depending on how you take care […]

You know how it’s confusing when you back up the trailer, because physics? The Ford F-150 2016 will have a small little steering wheel that you will use along with a backup camera, which will do the opposite of the actual wheel when reversing. See where this goes? Ford has […]

The high price of fuel oil, making car manufacturers competing to make cars that fuel oil. Certainly a fuel-efficient car and then reduce the performance of the vehicle will not be liked by most consumers. Therefore, the car manufacturer makes Hybrid car technology or called by the name of Hybrid […]