Cal Worthington Ford Anchorage

Kendal Cal Worthington Ford Anchorage

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Kendall auto group has bought Cal Worthington Ford Anchorage. The dealership has done in Alaska, with the number of dealership from Kendal auto group 18 persons. Since that, the anchorage has moved to Kendall party. Then, Kendall is the party who held the sale for Ford car, especially in Alaska. The car sold there mostly to be used car which still had good quality. In Cal Worthington of Alaska, it is sold varies selection of car with variety design and wide selection.

Cal Worthington Ford Anchorage

Kendall Cal Worthington Ford Anchorage is where you can buy Ford used cars. Ford is type of car which has good quality even after using it for several years. People who lived by anchorage tend to buy second-hand Ford car as it has good quality, but the price is affordable. There, people can look at several types of second-hand Ford car. In some places, they can give many discount to the car’s original price. Therefore, this place is popular among those who lived by anchorage and chose the high quality car with affordable price. The car commonly used to load items to sell in the city, and to travel to long distance place.

It has been spread that Ford has high price and un-affordable by some people. The solution for those who want to own Ford type of car, can purchase the second-hand car, which the price is a lot lower compared to the new one. Therefore, in Kendal Cal Worthington Ford Anchorage, it displays many types of Ford with variety prices. In example is for 2016 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe FWD, which the original price for the new ones around $30,000. While in the display, people can purchase it for special selling price around $25,000. The popular Ford models which is displayed are like F-150, Mustang, Fusion, Escape, Explorer, and Focus.

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