White Smoke from Exhaust

Identifying White Smoke from Exhaust

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Simple explanation for White Smoke from Exhaust means that your car needs to get treatment. There might be something wrong which cause it exhale the white smoke. However, this condition might apply in any terms too. During winter, when you first starting up your vehicle, it often smoke out from exhaust. In this condition, your car is not always need for special treatment, but it is because of the cold weather and your vehicle is still adapt to the weather. For this condition, you need to warm up your vehicle for a while, by starting the engine without using it. After 15 minutes and more, the white smoke will slowly disappear. If the white smoke still remain, then you need to check it again as it might get troubled at some parts.

White Smoke from Exhaust

In ordinary case, White Smoke from Exhaust means that there’s some error in the vehicle engine. In fact there are three type of smokes to ease you in identifications, such as blue, gray and white smokes. Blue smokes means that there might be some leaking when oil burning process to engine. The leaking might because of the peeled off some engine layer or other factors. Gray smoke means that turbocharger is not working well. You need to meet your technician when this case occurred. Gray smokes can also means by over-burning transmission fluid, and other possibilities.

While for White Smoke from Exhaust, if the smoke is thin, the high possibility is that it will disappear after some times. On the contrary, if the smoke is thick, then there some trouble at the spare parts or engine system. In conclusion, you do not need to always worry if white smoke exhaled from your vehicle. Try to start your vehicle for a while, until the white smoke is disappear. If the white smoke is thick and doesn’t disappear, bring it to service dealer to get car check up.

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