Honda crv vs Subaru Forester

Honda crv vs Subaru Forester Review

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Automotive lovers tend to compare a car with another similar car. If we compared between Honda crv vs Subaru Forester, first matter might be about its price. Forester is relatively more expensive than CRV, but Forester is known to have better specifications and features. Which means that the price for Forester is worth of its capability, compared to CRV. Even so, CRV is still high demanded among automotive lovers for its features and high specification. To compare both car in exterior aspect, both of it had modern and stylish look with the different charm.

Honda crv vs Subaru Forester

Between Honda crv vs Subaru Forester, Forester have four wheel drive, a system in which the torque is distributed to all four wheels of the vehicle. This is beneficial in some circumstances such as providing increased traction in difficult weather conditions, but the most suitable is for off-road. On the contrary, CRV doesn’t have this feature, which means it minus a point compared to its competitor. Another feature which is owned by CRV and not by Forester is it having all-in car system. It provides additional functionality, such as navigation, making phone calls (when connected to your smartphone) and playing music. Forester also had front wheel drive which doesn’t exist on CRV. It is the most common type of drivetrain and offers several advantages. It is cheaper to produce (reduce vehicle costs) and also lighter that helps increase fuel requirements. Because it has a weight machine on the wheel drive it also benefits from increased traction.

However, between Honda crv vs Subaru Forester, CRV had a features which Forester doesn’t, which is automatic seat belts. Automatic seat belts allow passengers of different sizes to move seatbelts up or down to improve comfort. It also very useful to improve the safety of children. Other comparison, both of car variant had similar features like LATCH, independent suspension, and other features.

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