Do fuel injector cleaners work

Do Fuel Injector Cleaners Work for Machine It self

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Do fuel injector cleaners work ? Do not let the car difficult to started, wasteful fuel, stationary is not smooth, the machine dies itself when stopped. One of the causes of car engine problems difficult to started, wasteful fuel, stationary is not smooth, or the engine itself when the stop is a fuel injector. This component is in charge of spraying gasoline fog into the combustion chamber by computer controlled (ECU – Electronic Control Unit). For the combustion process in the engine required 3 main elements of air, fuel and ignition. It requires accurate combustion and atomization to obtain a 1: 14.7 fuel and air composition which is then ignited by the spark plug to produce perfect combustion. This composition is called stoichiometry or Lambda value = 1.0.

Do fuel injector cleaners work

From this case, it will find the answer from do fuel injector cleaners work. The ECU gathers information from various sensors in the engine to adjust the fuel injector. Fuel injector contains a solenoid to open and close the electromagnet-driven needle. ECU sends an electric current in the form of regular and accurate pulses. The pulse varies between 1-20 milliseconds at a frequency of 3-125 Hz, as per machine requirements. A common problem with fuel injectors:

  • Leaky injectors:

Needle fuel injector does not close tight, so gasoline drips into the combustion chamber. As a result the machine is hard to started, combustion chamber and spark plugs, Lambda sensor calculations messed up.

  • Spray pattern is not good:

Dirt makes an uneven spray pattern. As a result gasoline is wasteful, stationary is not smooth, not powerful, exit black smoke from exhaust and chaotic calculation of Lambda sensor.

  • Less powerful spray pressure:

The cause, the pinhole injector blocked dirt. As a result the stationary is not smooth, not powered, the emissions test results are not exact.

Generally it happens that the fuel injector conditions are not the same in each cylinder, so the supply of gasoline to each cylinder is not the same. This causes the failure of ignition (misfire). When a misfire occurs, the oxygen content is wasted through the exhaust. In cars equipped with oxygen sensors, the oxygen content in the exhaust gas is considered ECU that the machine works in lean condition. So that is why, don’t think to give question do fuel injector cleaners work.

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