Hyundai Santa Fe problems

Discovering Hyundai Santa Fe Problems

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Hyundai Santa Fe is a medium-sized SUV crossover that takes the base of Hyundai Sonata. First introduced, this car is known as the first SUV Hyundai in 2001. This SUV is very popular in the United States market and become the best-selling car Hyundai production. For information, this car is one of the favorite vehicles of the upper class society. So do not be surprised if the cost of newest output has high enough price. Hyundai Santa Fe is now also presented variants with diesel engine type. Even Hyundai seems to be favorite, it is still has Hyundai Santa Fe problems some within.

Hyundai Santa Fe problems

Capacity that can be accommodated in this car is 7 people. Body design that carried the theme of fluid sculpture that makes this car look dynamic. Equipped with a V6 engine configured with a capacity of 2,700 cc is no doubt about the performance. Tightly certain, and of course according to its fuel consumption is fairly wasteful, about 1 liter for 6-7 km. That was one of Hyundai Santa Fe problems Disadvantage. When view transmission, carrying 4 speed automatic that also features shifter in order to play the transmission like a manual version, only without clutch. Other disadvantage of this car is that it has low resale value. Another disadvantage is at low part of the car’s body. It is quite fragile and easy to break when it is crash with road bumps.

The basic Hyundai Santa Fe problems Disadvantage is small. One of them is the safety system, which is considered still not support when compared with competitors in its class. Nevertheless, this car still has a variety of advantages, especially the most striking lies in the charming exterior style of European cars. The price is expensive with the safety factor is still lacking, often also referred to as the weakness of this car when compared with other similar cars.

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