Cooper Discoverer SRX reviews

Cooper Discoverer SRX reviews Tire

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Cooper tire is a brand which offers tire all tires series for CUV and SUV. Discoverer SRX is new variant launched by Cooper Tire at 2015. According Cooper Discoverer SRX reviews, this series bring stable performance for car, even on any tracks. Highway or any streets can be mastered by this tire, which is designed for type of car like Ford F-150 until Toyota RAV4. The tire diameter size available from 16 to 22 inches. Designed with deep craved pattern on its surface, it makes car friction stable, and the traction is easy to handle. Intended as tire for all seasons, it is durable from solid until wet and slippery tracks. It is because the silica featured on its surface. The silica also made its perform faster and stable on the ordinary tracks.

Cooper Discoverer SRX reviews

Based on Cooper Discoverer SRX reviews, this tire is quiet and doesn’t noisy. The silica features also play high role in reducing the noise while car performing on any tracks. There are many sips on the tire which made the water flow in between without causing car slipping. Therefore during rain season where there are many muds on the street, car still perform stable and doesn’t slipping. The slips also intended for performing on the snow, as it can trodden against the snow with better traction.

In addition, Cooper Discoverer SRX reviews said that this tire can perform for more than 65,000 miles. Traveling with this distance can means that this tire durable for two and more years. With all the features mentioned, it is very exceptional on the hard track, and can perform in high speed with steady on the highway and streets. Cost from $102, this tire provides features which is worth of its price. No wonder that SRX become the popular variant for SUV owner, as it adaptable to any weather and tracks conditions.

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