Subaru Forester vs Honda crv

Comparison between Subaru Forester vs Honda crv

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In comparison between Subaru Forester vs Honda crv, Subaru had the more expensive cost. It is because the features constructed within is much more than Honda CRV. Even Honda CRV seemed had lower capability and quality compared to its competitor, but it still be considered as car with the good performance. From the exterior, both of car had its own charm with modern and stylish design. In fact, Honda CRV had 43 mm lower compared to Subaru Forester. This slight height different won’t be easily recognized and doesn’t affect to the car performance.

Subaru Forester vs Honda crv

In comparison between Subaru Forester vs Honda crv, Subaru Forester is indeed had more features compared to its competitor. Those features are four wheel drive, spacious cargo volume, wider in its size, maximum torsion, more airbags, wider space in its interior, and so on. However, Honda CRV can safe more fuel compared to Subaru Forester. Subaru consume more fuel easily which cause to high cost fuel spending. Economical fuel is a measure of fuel efficiency, based on how far you can travel with the amount of gasoline available. Lower use of fuel economy means the car will be cheaper to run.

In fact, in comparison between Subaru Forester vs Honda crv, Subaru Forester seems dominate its competitor, but both of cars had the similarities in some features. Both car had ISOFIX, a standard point attachment system for child safety chairs, which allows them to be installed quickly and safely. Both of cars also have the fullest independent suspension. This allows the wheel on the rear axle to move up and down by itself, it will be more comfortable when driving, for example, when encountering an uneven path. Both cars also had backup camera, which provides a view of the rear of the vehicle, helping to prevent accidents. This camera have been widely installed in most of newest car variant.

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