Honda Civic vs Mazda 3

Comparison between Honda Civic vs Mazda 3

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In comparison between Honda Civic vs Mazda 3, we will begin from exterior aspect. From the front side of Mazda 3, a pair of headlights have featured with daytime running lamp technology that will be able to provide light enough lighting to the driver when driving at night.In fact, the design of the head lamp that carried by Mazda 3 was made with a narrow shape like a sharp eye gaze so as to give the very attractive impression and looks so sporty.On Honda Civic side, it is also equipped with fog lamp accessories and air aero kit holes. In addition, the rear lights, complete with Rear Comb Lamp lights that shaped at the angle to increase the sporty impression.

Honda Civic vs Mazda 3

From interior aspect of Honda Civic vs Mazda 3, both cars seems had similarities. This latest Honda Civic able to accommodate 4 – 5 passengers including the driver. In the front cabin there is a dashboard equipped with various panels and high-tech features, namely Intelligent Multi-Information Display which will provide important information to the rider about the amount of fuel, time, and distance. For Mazda 3, on the dashboard was made with a typical modern design of premium SUV. While on the dashboard will be available some advanced features like 7inches entertainment screen, which are ready to entertain every passenger.

Next is the comparison between Honda Civic vs Mazda 3 engine. Honda Civic equipped with high-quality engine such turbocharger technology and cylinder 1498 cc. With that composition, the machine is capable of generating power of 173 Ps at 5,500 rpm rotation and torque of 220 Nm at 1700 rpm rotation. On Mazda 3 side, it has equipped with SkyActive-G technology, which affect to its speed performance. The engine that is brought by Mazda 3 will be able to provide maximum bursts of power up to 148.2 Ps at 6000 rpm rotation and able to reach the point of torque up to 192 Nm in the round to 2800 rpm.

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