Cheap Rear Wheel Drive Cars

Cheap Rear Wheel Drive Cars – Advantages and Weaknesses

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Car wheel drive system there are 3 types namely, rear-wheel drive car (RWD), front-wheel drive car (FWD) and all-wheel drive car or better known as 4WD. One of the cars with the best rear-wheel drive system in Indonesia is the Grand New Avanza. At the end of 2013, Honda Indonesia launched Honda Mobilio car with front wheel drive system. Honda Mobilio got a positive reaction from the market with high demand for Honda Mobilio cars in Indonesia. MobilioMobilio became the main competitor of Toyota Avanza. Mobilio Honda Mobil is different from Toyota Avanza in terms of car wheel drive system. Toyota Avanza car using rear-wheel drive system. Therefore, you should know in advance, the advantages and disadvantages of the rear-wheel drive car, if you are interested in buying a Toyota Avanza, AvanzaVeloz or other type of car that uses rear-wheel drive system. Selection of car with Cheap Rear Wheel Drive Cars system or front is determined by many factors such as:

Cheap Rear Wheel Drive Cars

  • The way you drive.
  • The quality of the road is often passed.
  • The number of passengers that are often in the car.
  • And your greatest wish of a car. Excess Car Rear Wheel Drive

Let’s see, the advantages and disadvantages of the Cheap Rear Wheel Drive Cars. There are 2 main advantages of rear-wheel drive car that is:

  1. The design of the car drive with rear-wheel drive is very simple. Especially the design on the axle, very sturdy and strong. Although often used on damaged roads, the cost of repairs will not be as big as the front-wheel drive car. Front-wheel drive car, very vulnerable to damage the axle if you pass through the road accidentally damaged with a fairly high speed. In addition, the cost of repair axles are also more expensive in the front-wheel drive car.
  2. The advantages of Cheap Rear Wheel Drive Cars is also found in the balance of a better car. Especially the balance of the car as you accelerate and when the car is driving at high speed. The cause is the weight of the vehicle is balanced from front to back, because there is a long axle to the rear wheels. Therefore, most racing cars use rear-wheel drive systems. In addition, the car with rear-wheel drive system, when heavier loads are more easily controlled.

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