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Cadillac Customer Review of Cadillac of Las Vegas West

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Cadillac of Las Vegas West is an automotive center in Las Vegas. In this place, customer can find two departments, first sales department and second service department. In sales department, customer can find any type of cars they want or just enjoy sight-seeing the car they sold in this place. In first time entering the place, you will be welcomed with very responsive salesman who will kindly help you to find your dream car. You can see many sample car displayed in the showroom with very clean and convenient place. Overall the service is very good, as the salesman dealer would to explain and answer the customer question in patients. You can also always making call for consultation or booking appointment.

Cadillac of Las Vegas

The second department at Cadillac of Las Vegas West is service department. In this department, customer can get their car being repaired with very professional technicians. However, since this place is always crowded by people, it is better to make reservation a day before, and when you bring your vehicle there you don’t need to queue up again. Customer will have their car being repaired very fast. Oil changing will only take 1.5 hours. You can just leave your car being repaired while going to somewhere else, or enjoy sight-seeing in the sales area.

Some of recent visitor at Cadillac of Las Vegas West have known well with the officer, so they can book the service through the officer they known. Overall, the service given is best for both departments. In service department, the technician can repair any car problem in fast and professionally. Technician can also identify any error from car from quick identification. While at sales department, all of its officer are high knowledge and customer can get long time warranty from purchasing cars there. In addition, this place is reachable as it is located in city center.

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