Best Spray in Bedliner

Best Spray in Bedliner for DIY

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Having truck with bed liner gives you more benefit to move luggage and items easily from place to place. Truck can also help you to carry your hobbies material like camping and fishing material, and bring you safely in your destination place. In fact, the bed liner function has many advantages to carry many items and luggage. However, the frequency of using the track can affect to bed liner paints too. It can faded by the time, and needs to be resprayed again. Many automotive workshops has provided the service for bed liner spraying, although it will cost you more. On the contrary, you can save up some money by spraying bed liner DIY (Do It Yourself). What you need to mind is finding the Best Spray in Bedliner for your truck

Best Spray in Bedliner

  • Herculiner HCL1B8

This series is one of Best Spray in Bedliner since it received many five stars reviews from consumer. Priced under $70, it is quite cheap enough and have included with complete spraying kit. Some of kits only provides the sprayer and paint is sold separately, but not with this series. The kit have included black protective coating, which you can use as the basic coloring bed liner. The spray ingredient included polyurethane which can give shining effect for finishing. The spray also durable for long time and doesn’t easily peeled off. In the kit you can also find brush and roller. However, only the sprayer tool is sold separately.

  • Al’s Liner ALS-BL

Compared to the previous product, this bed liner kit doesn’t include brush and roller. However, as one of Best Spray in Bedliner, it provides high quality coating with the solid paint. It won’t make the paint easily faded and peeled off, and durable for any weather. This product have been used by most of truck owner, and is easy to use it DIY. You only need to buy brush and sprayer tool separately to ease spraying process. When coating your bed liner DIY, make sure you have sprayed all the corners and spray in thick layer to make it covered perfectly with spray.

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