Top 10 Tire Brands

Top 10 Tire Brands Based on Customer Review

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Customer often asked and discussed each other about recommendation of certain product. The recommendation must be based on quality and review from the customer who had used that product. This concept also applicable for choosing best tire. Customers who want to change their tires will ask to who had used certain tire brands and asked the review about it. The common categories for Top 10 Tire Brands specification such as it price, durability, performance on poor road and or snow tracks, all-season performance, and so on. Sometimes, if one among those criteria is lacking, customer can also give low review for the tire brands.

Top 10 Tire Brands

Top 10 Tire Brands based on customer review are Bridgestone, Cooper, Continental, Goodyear, Firestone, Nitto, Michelin, Pirelli, Yokohama, and Toyo. As the number one chosen from customer, most of Bridgestone tire said to have good performance for all season. This tire doesn’t lose grip on the wet and slippery track, like on the snow. Bridgestone also said to be easy handling and had the fast braking system, which make driving safer. It also quiet and doesn’t squeak on poor track. The durability of this tire can perform until 4 years old without scars. The tire also doesn’t easy to be flatten, and is flexible to use for any type of car.

Even Bridgestone ranked 1st as Top 10 Tire Brands, but the following tire brands still popular among automotive lovers. In fact, there are some customers who prefer using Cooper, Firestone, Goodyear, and Continental, rather than Bridgestone. In some customer views, Bridgestone can also have some lacks, but other brand can also had lacks. Each tire brands actually based on the usage and the suitability with the car type. Customer who said that Bridgestone is not better than other tire brands might found that this tire brand doesn’t suit with their vehicle, while other brand is suitable. However, you can still depend on these top tires and choose one of the best to fit with your vehicle.

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