Golf R vs GTI

Volkswagen Golf R vs GTI Specification

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Impressive, sporty and stylish are the words best to describe Golf GTI. However, when Golf R appear, it seems like it use the same limelight as GTI. Both of car had stylish, sporty and modern charm, which make automotive lovers often compare Volkswagen Golf R vs GTI. From price aspect, GTI cost $37,860 which is cheaper compared to Golf R which cost $43,000. Even though Golf R cost higher, but actually the design of both car had its own charm and similar in its modernity and high technology interior. Both of series had 8 inches infotainment touchscreen (this interior is the upgraded interior which doesn’t equipped on every cars).

Golf R vs GTI

In comparison of Volkswagen Golf R vs GTI, the reason Golf R is more expensive is because it had unordinary rear and front bumper. The design made with modern curvy and looks more elegant, in addition to the silver mirrors on both sides. However, both of Volkswagen series had similarities like 18inch diameter wheels, which is often equipped for big body cars. Even so, GTI had the car front larger for air circulation to the car. This exterior had the similar design to honeycomb shapes. GTI also had red strips sign on the front grille, while Golf R had strip in shape of chrome.

Comparing interior of VolkswagenGolf R vs GTI, there are no specific difference between the two cars. Both cars used the ordinary Volkswagen interior design, but both of it had the shape of gear knob similar to golf ball. Both of types are designed for wide seater space and storage for bringing extra luggage. On the engine performance, both of this car had similarities, which is intended for sporty driving but suitable for daily mobility. However, these two cars doesn’t designed in extent as Honda Civic, which is intended for sporty racing car.

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