2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

2009 Honda Civic Hybrid Limited Stock

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The high price of fuel oil, making car manufacturers competing to make cars that fuel oil. Certainly a fuel-efficient car and then reduce the performance of the vehicle will not be liked by most consumers. Therefore, the car manufacturer makes Hybrid car technology or called by the name of Hybrid car. With the aim of economical fuel consumption without reducing the performance of the car. Hybrid vehicles use a merger of benefits from gasoline engines and battery-powered electric motors, to reduce fuel consumption. The gasoline engine provides most of the power for the car, and the electric motor provides additional power when needed, such as to accelerate the vehicle and to overtake. Environmental issues make the world automotive trends increasingly rapidly switch to environmentally friendly cars. One of them hybrid cars, 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid.

2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

After PT Toyota Astra Motor marketed the Prius Gen-3 last July, Honda also quietly kept trying to introduce its hybrid products in Indonesia. This was revealed from the data of wholesales data of Motor Vehicle Industry Association of Indonesia (Gaikindo) in July 2009. Apparently, Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) prepared two 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid until the end of this year. PT Toyota Astra Motor is true to serve two units Civic Hybrid. But until now not yet certain for what. Can be for socialization or sale if there is demand later. Jonfis explained, one of the efforts made by HPM is to explain to potential consumers that hybrid cars are not luxury vehicles, but cars that care about the environment.

Because there is no incentive (from the government), the price is expensive. This is what PT Toyota Astra Motor tried to straighten and continue to be socialized as the first company to introduce hybrid cars in Indonesia. 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid is priced at Rp 500 million. Interested? Hurry because only two units!

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